What kind of camera does my patient need?

Anything at all will work. Most patients will just use their mobile phone camera, and you will see results as good as most intraoral cameras will give you. Newer phones with higher-resolution cameras give even better results. If your patient has a very high resolution camera (50+ megapixels) then you will be able to see tooth micro-fractures.

How long does it take to get the zoomed image?

On average, it takes 9 minutes to receive your image (the perfect amount of time to make a cup of tea). We are constantly working on ways to optimise this and use less compute time.

How much does it cost me?

It costs you only USD 0.15 per image that we process (including images that do not have a dental mirror in them). Your patients incur no extra cost for this remote check-up. 

How do you invoice?

We send you (the dentist) a monthly invoice in arrears via email. Since the amounts are quite small, we are planning on adding a credit card facility in the near future.

Will I ever have to do a live check-up again?

Yes. triage.dentist is a tool that empowers you to perform initial triaging without visiting a clinic. You will still need to see your patients in person to provide more thorough examinations and to perform treatments. 

Do you provide dental mirrors?

Not at this stage. However, we can recommend brands such as Zirc, for a reasonably priced and effective mirror choice. For more information, see our blog post on the best dental mirrors for each occasion.  

I am a patient who wants to do remote check-ups. How do I get my dentist onto triage.dentist?

Simply forward them our website and explain how easy (and cost effective) it is to get our remote triaging service. All they will need to do is sign up, and you can start your virtual dental care!  

How Do I Get Started?


Email us your images

Simply get your patient to send a photo of their teeth using the dental mirror provided. 

Wait 10 minutes

Our proprietary algorithm works incredibly quickly. 

Check your patients teeth

 With the targeted, high quality images we send you, remote check-ups are a piece of cake. 

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